Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion about this? Discuss with appropriate examples.

Difference between shopping malls and local shop markets. why are large shopping malls replacing small shops?

PTE Essay - Large shopping malls are replacing small shops

PTE Essay – Large shopping malls are replacing small shops

The number of large malls has increased rapidly in the past few years, with the effect that the small shops have fallen prey to the large malls. Every person desires to shop for all his/her needs at one place so that they can buy everything together and don’t have to wander around, thus saving time and money. One can find anything from cloth items to electronic to food courts to cinemas easily at a single place. Shopping malls have a vast collection of retail stores and restaurants.

One can easily search the mall on the internet and reach there without any problem. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find a local business shop on the internet. Other advantages of malls are parking which is one of the major hassles for people and families often choose to visit the malls on holiday where they find a more convenient option, mainly because parking is provided. Malls make great meeting places for friends. There is proper security system so there is almost no chance of any crime.

Some groups are in favor of small shops because they have their reasons as well. There are also good things about the local markets as we can buy the fresh vegetables and fruits from it rather than the shopping mall. Even the price of the local markets of the same product is comparatively low as compared to shopping malls. Small shops also boost the economic growth of the particular area and provide job opportunities as well.

As a result, both have their own benefits and it is up to an individual how he/she finds which place more convenient. Shopping malls have become a boon to the people, but small shops cater to the low and medium income groups of the society. Both exist in their own peripheries of advantages and disadvantages.