Writing Prompts For Essays – What is Prompt Topic For Three Marks

What is Prompt Topic For Three Marks? Know Writing Prompts For Essays.


Content – “Prompt” topic for three marks

So what does “Prompt” means: One minor aspect, major aspect, and one minor aspect?

Students might not be aware regarding this. So let’s just discuss on this.

PTE Writing Content - What is Prompt Topic For Three Marks

Writing Prompts For Essays

First of all, in order to get three marks, you must deal with the prompt adequately. What does that mean?

PTE Essay Writing Do’s & Don’ts

1. – Read the prompt and “understand” it – Why we are saying this, because most of the times students read the prompt, pick a keyword for example “Television” and start writing regarding it. They write advantages, disadvantages of TV and all other information. Actually what they do is – they don’t understand the prompt. Every prompt is conveying a message, it is asking a question from you and you need to understand it.

2. – Deal with the “prompt”, nothing else – You are supposed to deal with the prompt properly and nothing else. “It will defiantly increase your written discourse points”.

Now, what does “written discourse points” means –

If the prompt is asking you to write effects and solutions – You are supposed to write effects and solutions. Do not include causes or another information which is not required. Your “written discourse marks/points will be less if you write other important information. So let’s take an example – 


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