PTE Academic Prompt 3 Marks Content Writing Example – Do’s & Don’ts

PTE Prompt 3 Marks Content Writing Example - Do's & Don'ts

PTE Prompt 3 Marks Content Writing Example – Do’s & Don’ts

Explanation With Example – 

Do you think consumers should avoid over-packaged products or is it the responsibility of producers?

If we read it carefully, they are asking the question. “Do you think” means they are giving you a hint, that they requiring your opinion. You are supposed to write your opinion in this.

“Consumer should avoid over-packaged products or the producers” they gave you two choices “consumers or the producers”. So, in this case, you must pick one and write based on that. You should support your calm if you are picking the “consumer” that why the consumer should avoid the over-packaged products. If you are taking the producers then why they should do it.

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What should we do (Do’s) – We will pick one and we will support it.

1. – Read it twice, they clearly ask a question. “Who” should avoid over-packaged products either “customer” or “producers”.

2. – Choose one and support.

3. – Why should customer/producer avoid this?

What we shouldn’t do (Don’ts) –

1. – We’ll get less marks we didn’t give our opinion because they have asked it “Do you think”. If we didn’t mention who should avoid these – either the consumer or the producers, we didn’t mention, we didn’t answer the prompt.

2.  If we have chosen any other option which is not even mentioned. Suppose we have written that the government should avoid over-packaged products because they didn’t ask about it.

3. – If you have written advantages or disadvantages of the over-packaged product.

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So, this is the reason we are telling you, just read the prompt two-three times in order to understand the meaning it is conveying.