Avoid These Most Common PTE Academic Reading Mistakes – PTE Exam

Here are the most common mistakes people make on the PTE Reading Tasks.

1. Practicing test without noting down the errors – The biggest mistake is keep on taking the reading tests without noting down the errors. If you keep on reading the practicing material you are doing like 500 blanks or 500 online test without noting down your errors or mistakes there is no use.

2. Googling the wrong words – Second thing is you are not googling the words correctly.

Right way to google PTE words

3. Using a software which pretends to be PTE software – Everyone is using this online software, they give you some of the paragraphs and they give you some of the blanks to fill those blanks, that online software is completely useless. In PTE, paragraphs are structured by the experts, they have very high reading skills and superior English, and they are very intelligent, those who have constructed paragraphs in PTE. In that online software, you are practicing fill in the blanks without any logic. So avoid using that software or spending money on that particular software.

4. Taking same PTE Practice Tests – Some keep on taking the same PTE practice tests on a particular repeat basis which are not useful, in spite there is one other thing which you need to do is (read more..)

How to improve PTE reading mistakes

So this is how we don’t improve our reading, what we do is, we keep on practicing fill in the blanks without even reading in general and without reading newspaper. We keep on practice PTE reading material. This is totally wrong, just spend some time in general reading, googling, learning new words and this is how you will improve reading.