Sustainable Development Essay

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Sustainable Development Essay

Sustainable Development Essay 300 Words

Sustainable development refers to the use of natural and non-renewable resources in a way that it meets the human requirements while also preserving them at the same time so that it can also meet the demands of the future generations. It’s the need of an hour to promote sustainable development in order to help survive the present and future generations on the planet earth.

There are many other revolutions taking place since time immemorial such as industrial revolution or Green revolution, however, at present, there’s a need of sustainable revolution that must take place to bring a change in the environment that is on the verge of destruction. Sustainable revolution is the only way to protect our environment and make it a better place for the survival of mankind.

The primary objective of sustainable development is to bring stability in our economic, social and environmental requirements which further leads to prosperity and availability of resources for present and upcoming generations. The sole purpose of sustainable development is to achieve a healthy environment where people address environmental, social and economic issues jointly and concurrently avoiding overutilization of resources.

Sustainable development is a great way to conserve our natural resources by slowly changing our approach towards the use and development of technologies. Obviously, we must use the resources to meet the basic needs of life such as food, energy, water and employment. However, every resource we use must be used in a sustainable manner so that it never goes extinct and hence does not lead to the extinction of living beings.

There are four principal ways of sustainable development including environmental protection, a stable economic development, preservation of natural resources, and social development and evolution. Everyone living on this planet has the right to enjoy all the resources and live in a safe and healthy environment. For this, we need to focus on our environmental issues and help reduce them in order to live a healthy and happier life on this planet.

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