Smoking is Injurious to Health Essay

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Smoking is Injurious to Health Essay

Smoking is Injurious to Health Essay

In this modern-day society, we can see adults and teenagers smoking in the parties and night clubs as they find it a symbol of maturity and status, least aware of the fact that smoking will kill them one day. “Smoking is injurious to health” is written on every cigarette packet; however people ignore this truth and keep on smoking without caring about their health and family.

Smoking causes many health issues related to lungs, heart, and kidneys and it even causes cancer. Smokers are well-aware of the negative impact of smoking nevertheless they don’t quit it as they get addicted to the nicotine present in the cigarette. As per stats, nearly 128,000 people die annually due to smoking therefore we can realize how badly it affects the society.

People who smoke give lame justifications for their habit of smoking and usually, teenagers are more into smoking posing a great risk to their lives. People consider smoking as a means to relax but it causes various health problems and sometimes proves to be fatal. Therefore, it is important that people should understand its bad impact and quit it as soon as possible to save their life as well as of their loved ones. From decades, many families have suffered the loss of their loved ones and struggled financially due to the ill effects of smoking. Hence, smoking must be banned everywhere, be it a hotel, club or a resort.

Also, the non-smokers when get exposed to environmental tobacco are at high risk just like the ones who smoke directly. So smokers should think about their children and family and should stop smoking for the betterment of their life and society. It is especially injurious to the old age people and children. Hence, it must be quitted and the government should also ban the manufacture of such substances that cause great harm to mankind and nature.

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