My Village Essay

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My Village Essay

My village Essay 300 Words

I like to visit my village during the holidays or whenever I feel like escaping from my busy life. I feel so privileged visiting my village as it calms down my mind and gives me inner peace. Villages are usually situated far away from the hustle and bustle of a city thus, it helps you refresh your mind and soul. The beauty of nature can be experienced in a village as they are surrounded by trees, crops, flowers and mountains. Also, you can feel that chilled breeze at night and can enjoy the moment.

India’s 70% of the population lives in villages and they are the rich source of food and water. You can see farmlands everywhere in a village as most of the agricultural production takes place in villages. Whenever I visit my village, I feel immense pleasure to see the way people work there. They are more dedicated to their work and possess much greater ethical values than people living in urban areas. Also, they live in harmony with each other without any feelings of grudges and jealous. Villagers are helping people and always come up to help you whenever in need.

My grandparents feel great whenever I visit them as they always wanted me to know how beautiful and serene our village is. At night, we sleep on the big balcony of our house and I usually fall asleep looking at the stars. During summers, we do not need any kind of air conditioners as the cool wind takes away all your stress and relieves you from the scorching heat. Also, you can breathe in the fresh air that is not polluted. As there are so many trees around, the oxygen level always remains up and keeps you fresh and recharged.

Therefore, visiting my village is one of the best things in life as it gives me happiness and I feel all the way comfortable and relaxed in my grandparent’s house.

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