My Role Model Essay

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My Role Model Essay

My Role Model Essay 300 Words

A role model is a person who inspires you to become a better person in life. People follow many great personalities and consider them as their role models irrespective of their profession. They love them and have high regard for their work and life. Everyone has some kind of role model in their lives be it a politician, a celebrity or a family member.

So according to me, my role model is Dr APJ Abdul Kalam- a person with great vision and wisdom. He has achieved many great things in life and prioritized his country and people over anything. This is the reason why I chose him as my role model. This great personality has done wonders for his country and enlightened the lives of many people.

So if you want to choose a role model for your life, he or she must possess certain great qualities that not only impact his own life but also influence the society with his great work and ethics.

A role model should be confident, inspiring and should have leadership qualities. He or she must be unique in doing his work and the way he communicates with people tell a lot about his personality. A person who does not fake anything and has the same character inside and outside is the one who deserves to be a role model for someone. He must have an equal eye for everyone and should always be ready to accept his mistakes, then only he can serve the community better and obviously possesses the qualities of being a role model.

Other than Dr Abdul Kalam, I consider my mother and father as my role models who sacrificed their lives just to give us a better and happy life. They constantly supported me in every phase of life and now they hold utmost importance in my life.

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