How to Memorise an Essay, Speech, and Notes

How to Memorise an Essay Quickly? – Many of us have not that good memory power that we can depend on our learning. It would be very difficult for those who have short term memory and which would be great trouble at the time of examinations. So, what to do then? How to memorise an essay, long answers, speech, notes, and long phrases easily and quickly?

pte exam preparation How to Memorise an Essay

How to Memorise an Essay, Speech, and Notes

To help you to ease with your learning power, we have some amazing tips for you. Well, all you need to do is scrolling downwards and keep reading. We have the right solution for your major stress of memorizing an essay, speech and notes quickly. So, here we go! Wait! Keep your notepad ready to write down the essential tips.

1.    Divide it into certain parts or portions

It would be very difficult for anyone to go with the flow of an essay, speech, and notes. The very first step you need to follow for “How to memorize a speech, essay, and notes quickly” is to break the easy in meaningful portions. Like, if your essay or speech have certain paragraphs, then you can divide it according to those paragraphs and if not, then you must follow the full stops (.). Now, work on learning these portions one by one. In case, your topic is dependent on some festivals, discoveries, history, etc. then you can do cut the portions as follows:

• Introduction – Meaning and purpose of writing
• Reason – Origin/Why/What
• Further details – Depth
• Other necessary information – if needed
• Conclusion

2.    Opting memory tricks

After cutting the essay, notes or long phrases into sections, now come many strategies when it comes to memorizing a long tale of words. You can use a simple trick by reading it loud over again. This can help you get it easily and quickly. The other trick is you can write every sentence 5 times of a single paragraph and then merge it together at the end. Here, comes the other funniest way that you can go with. You need to choose a single word from each sentence in the paragraph and create a sort of funny poetry or silly sentence that can help you remember the pattern of the paragraph.

3.    Be a tutor of your own

This is the most wonderful and interesting way that I practiced when I was a school kid. My interest was in teaching. I always dreamt of becoming a teacher and rule my students. Sounds funny? It is! So, what I use to do was creating an imaginary classroom and students, where I was the teacher. I used to read loudly and make my students repeat the same and follow the process for 3-4 times.  If you’re the one like me, then you can do exactly the same. Let me tell you one thing, that it would be very interesting for you. 

4.    Take your test

Before you appear your exams, it would be great that if you test yourself first and check the answer sheet. With this method, you will able to judge the points where you lack and make mistakes. Once you feel like you memorized the essay, speech, notes well, you need to check your proficiency. But, here are some dos and don’ts as well. You need to follow the exam conditions 100% i.e. no cheating at all. This way, you’ll definitely come to know that if you’re doing the right way in the right order. Take your test and cross check it by you or your elder.

How to memorize notes, essay, or speech is never difficult if you practice these aforementioned tips perfectly or do it in a strategize way. Try this once, I am that you will be relaxed and score better in your coming exams. Read PTE Essay Topics for practice.

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