Good Manners Essay

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Good Manners Essay

Good Manners Essay 300 Words

From the beginning of our childhood, our parents started teaching us good manners. They always made the best possible efforts to make us learn good manners so that we emerge as a good human being. Good manners play a significant role in one’s life as it helps us to stand and communicate in society. Our behaviour and manners determine what kind of person we are. A gentleman is a person with good manners and the one who is able to respect others in the society. Even if you are educated but lack good manners, you can never become a good person.

Good manners hold utmost importance in one’s life as it helps us become successful and teaches us how to interact with others. Many successful businessmen and personalities were able to reach the acme of their life just because they possess good manners and skills to communicate effectively in society. So if you want to achieve anything in life, you must inculcate good manners so as to withstand this modern society.

Respect is one of the important aspects that come in good manners. Since our childhood, we are taught to respect every other person we interact with be it your elder or younger. Respect is something we need to earn and also every person deserves equal respect. In school, students should pay respect to their teachers and schoolmates.

At the workplace, employees should respect each other and their boss to maintain a healthy and peaceful environment. Good manners also include hygiene, doing your work on time, being punctual, helping others, not indulging in any kind of corruption and much more. Inculcating such values in your life will definitely make you a good person and will consequently help you become successful in life.

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