Generation Gap Essay

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Generation Gap Essay

Generation Gap Essay 300 Words

The generation gap is a term used to describe the dissimilarity in the perspective, outlook, and values among the generations specifically between children, parents, and grandparents. Well, it seems to be true that every generation on this earth comes with its own rules and thoughts and therefore every generation disagrees on certain things and beliefs which according to them do not make sense for the present.

Generation gap can be seen in the form of language such as the new generation uses its own shortcuts and language to communicate while old people usually stick to their native language and consider this shortcut language absurd and meaningless.

Then comes the workspace changes, earlier people used to work with hands and all the work was done manually. However, now the workplaces are equipped with important facilities such as computers, fitness areas, sports facilities, entertainment and much more. Also, children nowadays like to play games on phones and tablets and usually spend their time on televisions and laptops, but children of earlier generation used to play outdoor games and entertain themselves with books and comics. Our parents and grandparents consider this scenario a huge setback in the success of the children nowadays.

Other than this, clothing and lifestyle of the people nowadays have changed and they carry western outfits as their style statements whereas earlier people used to stick to their own culture and attire.

Well, there are various reasons behind the generation gap including advancement in technology, high competition, ineffective communication, old beliefs, and breaking of the joint family into nuclear ones. Usually, children living in the nuclear family do not get a chance to interact with their grandparents due to which they lose moral values as their parents are working and don’t have much time to sit and talk to them about their culture and traditions.

In conclusion, this generation gap can be bridged if all the generations try to understand each other and agree on certain things that are beneficial for their family as well as for the nation. A balance is required to keep all the things in its place so as to grow and prosper successfully.

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