Essay on Right to Education

Read an essay on right to education in English in 300 words. Know more about right to eduction essay in English for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Write an essay on right to education act 2009.

Essay on Right to Education

Essay on Right to Education 300 Words

Education is crucial to one’s life as it enables the individual to realize his real potential and use it effectively for the growth of a nation. An educated man has the power to make the right decision based on the facts and figures related to the issue. His mind is a powerhouse of knowledge and he is considered the pride of his family and ultimately an honour to his nation. Therefore, it is important to realize the strength of education and make it compulsory for everyone so that each citizen can avail the benefits of being educated.

Hence, the government and the constitution of India incorporated the Right to Education Act (RTE) or The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act on August 4, 2009, which explains the significance of the free and compulsory education of children aged between 6 and 14 under the Article 21A of the constitution of India. However, this act became effective on April 1, 2010, after which India was among 135 countries that made the right to education as the fundamental right of every citizen of India.

The Right to Education Act states that it is the responsibility of the government to endow every child with free and compulsory education and it should also ensure their attendance and accomplishment of their elementary education.

It specifically explains that free education should be provided wherein no child should pay any kind of amount or fees to the school for acquiring elementary education. Parents of the child should not be charged for any kind of educational facilities provided to the children. Hence, it is the complete liability of the government to sustain all the expenditure incurred in the process of providing education to the children. It is not only the government schools but private schools are also supposed to reserve 25% of the seats for unprivileged children of the society.

In conclusion, even after so many years of the existence of RTE Act, I cannot see much difference in the education of the weaker sections of the society as many children are seen begging on roads and doing household chores for rich people which clearly exhibits the situation of education among the poor people.

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