Essay on Parents

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Essay on Parents

Essay on Parents 300 Words

Parents are the most precious gift from God and we must value our parents no matter what. Parents are the one who supports us in every phase of life and lead us in the right direction. There is no one except the parents who care for us truly without any conditions. Their love is unconditional and their presence makes us feel the most fortunate person in the world. They try to protect us every time and always wish for our happiness and success. Without parents, one cannot live happily and peacefully as they are our guardian angels who are always striving hard to make us happy and delighted. We should never forget to appreciate our parents for their love and sacrifices.

Parents play a significant role in the development of their children. They are responsible for our overall well-being and health. They provide us with everything that is required to keep us mentally and physically fit. Some parents do not have enough resources to fulfil their children’s needs, however, they make the best possible efforts to put a smile on their faces.

Parents are the one who provides us with education and enable us to grow and flourish. They invest their lifetime money on our education so that we can live a better life in future. Parents are the selfless creatures on the earth that make so many sacrifices for our life and happiness.

They work hard all day long to meet our demands but they never show in front of us how hard they are trying to keep us happy. They always give us the right guidance and support to make us better persons in life. Whenever we need emotional and financial support, they are always there for us no matter what. They help us in tough times and give us moral support to encourage us to face challenges of life.

So we must value their presence and should always respect them in every stage of life. Even when you are grown up, you must listen to their guidelines as they will always give us the advice that is in the best interest of our life. One must love and respect their parents as they are the only people who truly love you from heart and soul.

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