PTE Summary Writing Examples – Practice Test 30

Summary Writing Examples – Read the passage and summarize it in one sentence. Type your answer in the comment box. You are required to complete each task in 10 minutes.

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PTE Summary Writing Examples

Summary Writing Examples

PTE Summary Writing Examples


Read and summarize written text in your words.

Thirty healthy adults performed a gambling task on two separate occasions, once after receiving a drug called L-DOPA and once after receiving a placebo. The task required subjects to choose between safe and risky options that led to monetary gains and losses. Sometimes, the subjects could choose between a small reward or a gamble where there were equal chances of winning a larger reward or getting nothing. Other times, subjects could accept a small loss or choose a gamble where there were equal chances of losing a larger amount or losing nothing. During the testing, subjects were repeatedly asked, “How happy are you at this moment?”

The researchers found that:

♦ Subjects took more risks to try to get bigger rewards after receiving L-DOPA but not placebo.
♦ After receiving L-DOPA, subjects chose more risky options regardless of how much larger the potential reward was compared to the safe alternative.
♦ Subjects were happier after winning a small reward while on L-DOPA than they were winning the same reward while on a placebo, happiness was higher after large rewards than after small rewards, but on L-DOPA subjects were as happy about small rewards as they were about large rewards.


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Thirty adults participated in a gambling experiment, which showed that those who took L-DOPA took more risks and experienced more pleasure compared with those who only took a placebo.


Don’t forget to share your own summary through comments.


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