PTE Speaking Tips – Introduction & Categories Basic Understanding

Today we are going to deal with PTE speaking Tips – with the help of these tips you can easily more than 80 marks in PTE.

PTE Speaking Tips - Introduction & Categories Basic Understanding

PTE Speaking Tips – Introduction & Categories Basic Understanding

To get 80 or more than 80 marks in PTE speaking, you need to read the criteria for assessing in PTE. PTE doesn’t expect you to talk like a newsreader, university professor or a native English speaker. It just wants you to talk in a manner which is easily understandable by a native English speaker, means there is no hindrance to communication. So technically if your speaking is average and if you can’t use high-fi vocabulary in speaking or if you don’t relate to high-fi grammar in speaking don’t worry. With our tips, you can easily get more than 85 or 90 marks in PTE.

PTE SPEAKING contains different sections –

Read Aloud
Repeat Sentence
Describe Images
Re-Tell Lecture
Answer Short Questions

There is one thing which is common in all these types of questions –

– Fluency and Pronunciation (Pronunciation And Fluency In PTE Academic)


So technically in all these sections, you are going to get 5 marks in fluency and 5 marks for pronunciation in every part or PTE speaking.

E.g. In Read Aloud there are 7 to 10 items, in all these 7 to 10 items are assessed based on fluency and pronunciation and content. So technically, if our oral fluency is good, if your pronunciation is good, then the content doesn’t matter much. You can easily score more marks in PTE speaking.

Technically fluency and pronunciation are the aspects which are common in every section and marks are awarded for fluency and pronunciation in every section.