How to Improve Pronunciation in PTE Speaking Test – New Tips and Tricks

How to Improve Pronunciation in PTE Speaking Test

How to Improve Pronunciation in PTE Speaking Test – To get five marks in pronunciation you need to improve the following points –

1. Pronunciation is not accent – Don’t ever try to copy accent of a native English speaker. You may make the errors. e.g. they say cars and if you try to say “caars”, in this your pronunciation is correct, but the computer isn’t able to access whether you are saying cars or caars or something else. So make sure don’t ever try to copy the accent.

2. Give stress on important words – It varies from topic to topic. In a particular topic, try to give stress to important words which you find is important, instead of “is”, “all” and words like these.

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3. Use Google speech to text – It is very important, use Google speech to text. Make sure that the 8 percent of the words are picked by Google. You can use it online, download it to your mobile or in your laptop and you can try it. Just try to speak something to describe a graph “Google speech to text”, make sure how many words it is picking. If it picks less than 80 percent words means you need to improve your pronunciation. If it is picking more than 80 percent words means your pronunciation is good.

Why we are saying 80 percent because it can’t pick 100 percent words. But in PTE it does, PTE software is more sophisticated than Google software and then regular speech to tell software. So make sure your 80 percent words are picked by good speech.

4. Record your voice and listen to it – Again very important, “Record your voice and listen to it”. In this, you may find the mistakes and you can easily improve your pronunciation when you listen to your own voice. Sometimes communication is clear while we are talking face to face but it is not clear when we record our voice.

Note – Click on this link where you’ll get to know the difference why we are saying that record voice where we’ll using Google Speech text and we’ll tell you – how we make pronunciation errors” (PTE Pronunciation Improvement)

5. Don’t speak very difficult words in which you are not confident – Most people often get stuck in difficult words e.g. words like extraordinary, immediately, so people are not so confident in using these words. In speaking vocabulary, it is not so important. PTE doesn’t want you to use high-fi vocabulary to get more marks. Make sure you use simple words in which you are confident to speak.