How To Improve Marks In PTE Speaking Retell Lecture

In this article, we are dealing with “How To Improve Marks In PTE Speaking Retell Lecture.”

How To Improve Marks In PTE Speaking Retell Lecture

First of all, you need to improve your listening skills. How can you do it? You can watch Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Television Shows, you can listen to the news. From BBC website, where you can easily find written scripts as well as speaking lectures. In this way, you can easily improve your listening skills. You can practice for reading aloud for retell lecture as well as repeat sentence BBC website also.

What you can do when the recording begins –

1.- First, important point is “make notes”. Its very important because making notes gives you confidence. You have content in your hands, you can easily speak about.

2.- Second point is, if you make notes, our brain automatically memorizes the things which we write. So this way, you can easily memorize the content which the speaker told recently. This is how writing helps you in reproducing the lecture in a confident and proper way.

3.- Don’t try to write whole sentences. Make sure you have written only keywords because they are easy to speak.

4.- Try to make a flowchart. Don’t write the content in paragraphs in whole sentences because it will be very too difficult to reproduce it. Make a flowchart so that we can easily see whole of the items and content. You can see it clearly and you can talk about it.
Just write the main topic on the top of the Flowchart, so that you remember the central idea of the lecture as well as the conclusion of the lecture.

5.- Be careful with the tense. Suppose the speaker is talking in the future tense. He is saying “We’ll be building a robot”. Means he is saying “They will be building the robot in future.” Don’t just say “The speaker explained that they have built a robot”. In this way, you will lose marks in the content section.

6.- Keep on talking. When you talk, try to talk for the whole 40 seconds or more than 35 seconds. Don’t just be quite after 20 seconds or 15 seconds. This way you will lose marks in content as well as in fluency as well as in pronunciation. So make sure you are talking about more than 35 seconds.

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