Tips To Improve PTE Academic Reading Fill In The Blanks Section

Let’s discuss PTE Reading – one of the most difficult section in PTE is “Fill in the blanks”. In this article, we will discuss some of the strategies to improve score in Fill in the blanks section of PTE reading.

Tips To Improve PTE Academic Reading Fill In The Blanks Section

Tips To Improve PTE Academic Reading Fill In The Blanks Section

You need to work very hard to get a good score in PTE Reading section. If you want to improve 5 to 6 marks in PTE Reading section, you can keep on taking the tests again and again. But if you want to improve like 10 or 20 or more marks in “reading section”, you need to work really hard to do that. As you can’t improve your reading skills within two to three days because reading is a time-consuming process. It’s a continues learning process and you need to work continuously for the period of so many years to improve your reading skills. But in PTE since you have only one or two months to improve, so you need to work really hard and you need to improve your reading in general.

Steps to improve reading in general –

  • In order to improve reading, you need to “Read” – Just try to read the newspapers, online academic, articles, and books. Try to spend at-least one hour of reading daily. As reading is an unconscious learning process. While reading you are learning a lot of things; you are leading grammar, vocabulary, and how different sentences are found unconsciously. You might not be aware that you are learning something, but technically you are learning a lot while spending your time on reading newspaper or books.


  • Avoid learning from social media – Just avoid learning from social media because there are so many grammatical errors on social media, so take good books and good newspaper articles to improve your reading skills.


  • Searching new words and their meaning – Try to underline new words and write their meanings. Also see the sentence formation, how sentences are formed and how similar words are used differently in different sentences. Try to understand how the meaning of same word changes in the different type of sentences. More you read more you learn. So, if you are reading again and again, technically you are improving your reading skills and this will help you in PTE Reading especially in fill in the blanks section.


  • Avoid reading same articles again and again – Reading same articles online, again and again, will not improve your reading skills until and unless you are reading from newspapers or new articles online.


  • Try to maintain a PTE note book – In that particular note book, try to paste the newspaper cuttings, your underline words, means of words in that particular note book and you can just note down some of the common collocation, sentences, and synonyms words. So for an average student, you really need to maintain a PTE notebook for reading.