Basic PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips And Tricks

Hello PTE Aspirants, in this article we will explain you the PTE Re-Order Paragraph Tips and Tricks. This section is very important in PTE Reading and many aspirants are facing problems while solving Re-Order Paragraphs. So with the need of the students, we are posting some basic PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips And Tricks.

PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips And Tricks

PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips And Tricks


Strategy for Reorder Paragraph 

1. Skim each of the paragraphs to get a general idea of the topic.
2. Identify the paragraph that is the topic paragraph or main idea. This probably goes first.
3. Not any paragraphs that begin with conjunctions such as However, Nevertheless, But, Also, Furthermore, and so on. Such sentences cannot go first.
4. Paragraphs that contain pronouns such as he, she, it, them, they are probably referring to something mentioned in an earlier paragraph.
5. Look for any obvious clues to the logical order or chronology of events, for example, sequencing words such as first, second, lastly, finally, next, then, after, and so on.
6. Keep track of your time using the on-screen timer.


Points to Remember –

1. Main Idea – Identify the main idea of the paragraph. that will most likely be the opening sentence. One of the features of the opening sentence is that it is not dependent on any other sentence given there. Opening sentence mainly consists of person name, research names, important keywords etc.

2. Pronouns – Pronouns like he, she, his, her, it, them etc. are used when the person they are referring to has already been mentioned in the earlier sentence.

3. Identify transition words – Transitional words are like signs that help to shift from one idea to the next. There will be sentences having “Connectives” like moreover, similarly, consequently, hence, otherwise, generally, therefore, besides, then, yet, because, consequently etc.


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