PTE Reading And Writing Fill In The Blanks

You will be given a paragraph in which there will be some empty places, you will have to fill the vacant space with the given words. Here are PTE Reading And Writing Fill In The Blanks Sample Practice Exercises.

PTE Reading And Writing Fill In The Blanks Practice

PTE Reading And Writing Fill In The Blanks



1. – PTE Reading And Writing Fill In The Blanks Practice



forgot, support, thanks, believe, saw, truth, faced, signifies

The member of US senator’s office received a statement from Senator Johnson to appreciate the outpouring of (1) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ he has received over last few months. He quoted, ”good spirit support makes me recover faster”.  He also (2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _, doctors and staff who were grateful for their outstanding care. His confidence for further treatment will be effective. The statement was issued by Senate Majority Leaders shortly after Johnson’s Office announced he had the tumor. Johnson is a hero to our country, who never shied from a fight. Life is a challenge to everyone but he has (3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the challenge with the same extraordinary courage that (4) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ his characterized life.

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  1. support 2. thanks 3. faced 4. signifies


2. – PTE Reading And Writing Fill In The Blanks Practice


where, in, of, an, which, by, to, must

Maternity care is considered to be (1) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ essential health benefit under current law. All thing must be offered under private plans but patients likely pay some out of pocket costs, in addition to their premiums. Government officials have introduces a new bill in parliament (2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ does not address what will qualify as an essential health benefit for people of the country. This could be changed further in agency regulation. The new bill would get rid (3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ sharing cost that determines how much parents have to pay for services like maternity care. There was a debate on scrapping old point in regard to reduce the conflict. Lawmakers and experts have come to a certain conclusion which will maximize out of the pocket rules and there will be some flexibility (4) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ certain plans which must offer and pay for could lead to more competition and minimum premiums.

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  1. an 2. which 3. of 4. in


3. – PTE Reading And Writing Fill In The Blanks Practice


on, from, with, of, are, to, also, by

Guidelines don’t stipulate the conditions for mangrove mapping. They should be clarified and (1) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ indicate the condition as on 1981 or 2001 or present day. Data of tide levels (2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ currently available for high populated area and major ports. The method (3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ calculation is also difficult for the interpretation because of the high and low tide levels, the difference between them does not support our technology so it gave less accuracy. Dependency (4) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ one instrument is also one of our major faults.

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  1. also 2. are 3. of 4. on


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