How To Solve Reorder Paragraphs – PTE Reorder Tips & Strategies

Example – This we have taken from PTE Offline Test.

How To Solve Reorder Paragraphs - PTE Reorder Tips & Strategies

How To Solve Reorder Paragraphs – PTE Reorder Tips & Strategies –

Let’s find an independent sentence first.
Point (A), “It is used” – Leave this sentence, because “It is used” can’t be the first sentence of any paragraph.
Point (B), this can the first sentence because it is an independent sentence.
Point (C), “Furthermore, it is also used” – It is not an independent sentence, so leave it. “Furthermore” is always connected with something else. Furthermore is a “Connector”, so this should be connected to any previous paragraph.
Point (D) is definition of “Research”.
Point (E), In this they are talking related to the multilingual periphery and in point (B) writer said about “Periphery scholars face the challenges”. So “Exclusion and linguicism in research and academic publication” are problems in research. So we can’t start any paragraph with problems. Problems and contrary facts should come at the end. The drawback of any theory comes at the end.

In this whole particular paragraph, we will start with the definition (point D). “Research comprises” – this will be our first sentence because it tells related to the definition of research. So we can’t start the paragraph with the problems in research. So for this particular paragraph, the first sentence will be definition.

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Let’s find the second sentence –
Point (A) – used to establish – this can be the second sentence.
Point (B) – this is an explanation of the problem.
Point (C) – “furthermore” – this can’t be the second one because the writer said about a problem in this sentence.
Point (D) – this is also an explanation of the problem.

So point (A) will be the second sentence “USES”. The first definition and then uses.

Let’s find the third sentence –

Point (C) – this is the continuation of the second paragraph; Continuation of Uses. So point (C) is in continuation of point (A).

Let’s find fouth sentence –
Let’s talk about the problems and explanation now.
Point (B) – This is our fourth sentence.

Fifth Sentence –
Point (E) – In this paragraph, he is explaining “Exclusion and Linguicism”. “As the great majority of mainstream academic journals are written in English” – This is meaning of Linguicism. “multilingual periphery scholars often must translate their work to be accepted to elite Western-dominated journals” – In this he has explained “Exclusion and Linguicism problems” in detail.

Answer – D – A – C – B – E


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In addition to this, if we change the connectors such as furthermore or we just add some other connectors in this, the sequence of this paragraph will totally change. Such as like this – Example.