Short Question Answer PTE Academic Speaking Online Test 5

Short Question Answer PTE – Give a simple short answer which will be in one or few words. We have compiled most important short question answers. In Exam, you will listen to audio and speak the answer. We wrote the important questions along with answers for your preparation. ( This TRANSCRIPT format is only for reference, it will not be given in PTE Academic Test). Practice Short Question answer PTE.


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Short Question Answer PTE Test 5

short question answer pte

Short Question Answer PTE

Pearson Short Question Answer PTE

  • What is a painting of a person’s head is called? – A Portrait
  • What do you call a person that can’t hear? – Deaf
  • How would you measure the volume of water? – Litres
  • What is the job title of someone who designs buildings? – An Architect
  • What sport is played at Wimbledon? – Tennis
  • Which one is the first search engine on the internet? – Archie
  • A firewall in the computer is used for? – Security
  • What is the name of a system of government in which the people elect their leaders? – democracy
  • Mac operating system is developed by which company? – Apple
  • The rarest blood group is? – AB Negative
  • Which section of news paper gives the editor an opinion? – editorial
  • The longest and largest bone in the human body is? – Femur
  • Which star is at the centre of our Solar System? – Sun
  • One who looks on the brighter side things? – Optimist
  • One who looks on the dark side things? – Pessimist
  • People, who work together? – Colleagues
  • One who can speak two languages? – Bilingual
  • Word with the same meaning? – Synonyms
  • What key mineral makes sea water different from fresh water? – Salt
  • What do you call the number of people living in a specific area? – Population
  • People, who work free? – Volunteer
  • People, who speak less? – Reticent
  • One who knows everything? – Omniscient
  • What do you call the middle of something? – Center
  • What did we call a piece of paper with official information written on it? – Document
  • Who cuts men’s hair? – Barber
  • What crime has someone stealing from shop committed? – Shoplifting
  • If a figure is hexagonal, how many sides does it have? – Six
  • Who decides cast of the film? – Casting Director
  • Who discover new things? – Discoverer
  • A person, who invent? – Inventor
  • A person whose gender is not specified? – Genderless

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