Answer Short Question PTE Academic Exam Preparation

Answer Short Question PTE – You will hear a question. Please give a simple and short answer. Often just one or a few words is enough. Skills assessed – listening and speaking. Prompt length of the question is 3-9 seconds. Time to answer – 10 seconds. Then why are you waiting for, let’s start the task?

Answer Short Question PTE


  • What did you pay at the counter for buying something in the supermarket? – Money
  • What is the process of teaching and learning called? – Education
  • The language which is confused and unintelligible. Jagron or vocabulary? – Jargon
  • A string of beads used for counting prayers. Rosary or Garland? – Rosary
  • What do we call the study of living things? – Biology
  • What section of the train timetable shows you that when your train leaves? – The Departures
  • What do we call the list of steps when you put something together? (Bundle or Instructions) – Instructions
  • If something is not expensive, what another side it is? – Cheap
  • What do we call the time when a piece of work that must be finished by? – A Deadline
  • If something such as fabric or medicine artificially made not natural, what do we say it is? – Synthetic
  • What does the king or queen wear on their head on official ceremonies? – A Crown
  • What do we call a meeting where an employer asks as a potential employee question about their work experience? – An Interview
  • What do we call the first meal of the day? – A Breakfast
  • How many months are in a year whose name starts with alphabet “M”? – 2
  • What is the job title of someone who designs buildings? – An Architect
  • Name that object which helps you to climb up to the roof of the house? – A Ladder
  • What do we call baby of the lion? – Cub
  • What is the economic factor that deals with farming? – Agriculture
  • Which animal has three hearts? – Octopus
  • What is the name of our galaxy? – The Milky Way
  • Riversides are called? – Banks
  • What key minerals make seawater different from freshwater? – Salt
  • Which desk will you go to when you first arrived the hotel? – A Reception
  • What people wear after which they see very well? – Lens or Glasses
  • When ice is at room temperature, what does it become? – Water
  • What do we call a company or organization that gives money in exchange for advertising? – A Sponsor
  • What is the opposite of East? – West
  • What term is used as money you pay to a landlord for living in their household property? – A Rent
  • Name that book which contains the list of words with their meanings? – A Dictionary

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