PTE Summary Writing Tips & Marking Scheme – Form, Grammar, Vocabulary


Form –

  • One mark is given if it’s written in one single complete sentence.
  • Zero mark – If it’s not written in one single complete sentence or contains fewer than 5 or more than 75 words or if the summary is written in capital letters. So be careful with the full stop. Make sure you have written one complete sentence and don’t put full stop accidentally while putting Comma (,) accidentally because “Comma” and “Full stop” buttons are nearby. Don’t accidentally put full stop instead of a comma because this way you may lose marks.

Make sure your summary contains 5-75 words, but ideally most people wrote 30-40 words for the summary. Thirty to thirty-five words summary is perfect. Don’t make it way too long and don’t make it way too short.

Grammar –

  • Two marks are given if you have correct grammatical structure.
  • One mark if there is some error.
  • Zero marks if there is a defective grammatical structure which could hinder communication. So make sure you revise your grammar for writing section again and again. Make sure you study about the connectors that how connectors are used. Make sure you studied related to complex compound sentences.

Vocabulary –

  • Two marks are given if the person has an appropriate choice of words. So don’t try to find sophisticated words for the summary. Just make sure you write synonyms of one or two words like “increased to augmented” and “motivate to stimulate”.
  • One mark is given if you sentence contains lexical errors, but with no hindrance to communication.
  • Zero marks are given if you have made any defective word choice which could hinder communication.