PTE Multiple Choice Multiple Answer – Sample Questions Practice Test 9

PTE Multiple Choice Multiple Answer – Read the passage and answer by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct. If you have any problem in solving PTE Multiple Choice Multiple Answer, then read how to solve PTE MCQ questions.

PTE Multiple Choice Multiple Answer – Practice Test 9

12. Read the passage and answer the following question.

In the spring of 1928, Disney asked Ub Iwerks to start drawing up new character ideas. Iwerks tried sketches of various animals, such as dogs and cats, but none of these appealed to Disney. A female cow and male horse were also rejected. They would later turn up as Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar. A male frog was also rejected. It would later show up in Iwerks’ own Flip the Frog series. Walt Disney got the inspiration for Mickey Mouse from a tame mouse at his desk at Laugh-O-Gram Studio in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1925, Hugh Harman drew some sketches of mice around a photograph of Walt Disney. These inspired Ub Iwerks to create a new mouse character for Disney. “Mortimer Mouse” had been Disney’s original name for the character before his wife, Lillian, convinced him to change it, and ultimately Mickey Mouse came to be. The actor Mickey Rooney claimed that, during his Mickey McGuire days, he met cartoonist Walt Disney at the Warner Brothers studio, and that Disney was inspired to name Mickey Mouse after him. This claim, however, has been debunked by Disney historian Jim Korkis, since at the time of Mickey Mouse’s development, Disney Studios had been located on Hyperion Avenue for several years, and Walt Disney never kept an office or other working space at Warner Brothers, having no professional relationship with Warner Brothers, as the Alice Comedies and Oswald cartoons were distributed by Universal.

Question – Based on the text, what can be said about the origin of Mickey Mouse?

Options –

1. Ub Iwerks was Walt Disney’s early partner and combined several animals to make Mickey Mouse.
2. A number of people played a role in creating Mickey Mouse.
3. Mickey Mouse was based on a mouse Walt Disney came across in his office in Kansas City.
4. Mickey Rooney used to work for Disney and inspired him to name the mouse after him.
5. Mortimer Mouse was another mouse created by Disney before Mickey Mouse.

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2 and 3 


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