Pros and Cons of PTE IELTS TOEFL OET

One thing that ran to mind is that there are four to five different tests that anyone can take for an immigration school. So what is the best test that anyone can give or which is the right exam to take? What are the pros and cons of each test? In this article, we provide Pros and Cons of PTE IELTS TOEFL OET tests. After which choose test according to your strength and weakness.

It is the question that we get asked a lot because people want to know what’s the easiest test to take which is a probably the best way to look at this. It’s an obstacle that you need to get over and you should do it as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Pros and Cons of PTE IELTS TOEFL OET

We have a little list of the pros and cons of each test. Experts and teachers have actually taken these tests so it’s not second-hand experience, it’s a first-hand experience of what these tests are like to take. Let’s start from IELTS because that’s the most common popular test probably the biggest test.

IELTS – The pros of IELTS are that it has both general and academic which means if you can take the IELTS general, take the IELTS general instead of the academic because it is easier, their vocabulary is less common, the tasks are a bit simpler and this makes your life easier. Pros of the IELTS is that there are many test centers and many test dates which is a good thing. According to us, Speaking in IELTS is relatively easy. The cons of IELTS is its writing, IELTS writing is tough. If you are aiming for superior English like an IELTS eight to achieve that is well. You need to be really good. Cons of IELTS is that it’s inconvenient and what we mean by that it’s a full day, the speaking is often at a different time than the rest of the test. It’s also inconvenient because you have to use a pencil and you have to write an essay on a piece of paper and there are other tests that are more convenient.

TOEFL – Pros of TOEFL, first of all, American accents make it easy and it’s also not genuine English means it’s lectures which they are not real lectures from real lecture theatres. They are produced in a studio. So they are very clear. TOEFL is a very sensible test, it’s not tricky while some of the IELTS questions can be tricky. TOEFL is also not overwhelming in that the reading sections and the listening sections are quite bite-sized and you just move through it systematically. The cons of the TOEFL are that the dates and test dates are not often available. You will have to check with it, they actually offer the TOEFL close to you because in Australia at least, there are not so many centers. Also, preparation for the TOEFL is hard to find. There is no general TOEFL, so it’s academic English which means it is a bit harder.

PTE – PTE academic is popular or becoming popular and we think for good reasons it’s a good test. The pros are that there are many different tasks. There are 20 different tasks in the PTE. So instead of just doing one writing task, for example, there are five tasks relate to your writing. So if you do make a mistake in one, it’s not going to be the end of the world. For example, in fact, writing is a bit easier in the PTE to the highest score. PTE is extremely convenient, you can book it online, take your test and get your results within a few days. It’s computer-based, so you get to type your essay instead of writing with a pencil. This suits a lot of younger people. When you get your report card from the PTE, they give you your enabling skills which means that you can see where your deficiencies are which is very important. The cons of the PTE is that the speaking is tough. There is no general so it’s academic English and unlike the TOEFL and the IELTS, the PTE uses real English, real lectures. They are fast and hard to listen. So you need some good preparation.

OET – This is for medical professionals so if you are a doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist or one of the 12 different professions. This test might suit you because it uses medical vocabulary and the writing task is to write a referral letter. The readings are about medical texts and the listening is about listening in a medical context. The cons are that it’s more expensive. It’s only held once a month and the reading and the writing is particularly tricky.

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