Australia New Migration Rules – PTE and IELTS

This article is about Australia’s new migration rules that have been changed. It’s one million dollar question and we are sure that’s on everyone’s mind who are reading this article that what are the changes in Australia New Migration Rules.

Australia New Migration Rules

The major change occurred on the 1st July 2017, we had a few changes. Historically on the 1st July Australian financial year, we tend to see those changes. So from the Department of Immigration tends to adjust fees at that time. In line with Australian financial year, we did see a fee increase on the 1st of July 2017. Additionally, we also saw some changes to the eligible skilled occupation list. We saw 12 occupational being removed from that list. Further, we also saw a change in the age criteria for skilled migration applicants that are seeking to apply for skilled migration. It’s good migration being subclass 189 the skilled independent visa, subclass 190 the skilled nominated visa and a subclass Florentino the skilled region of these.

One of the major reason that they have a drastic change was the 457. So we know that we have seen the news where it says that it’s going to be abolished and replaced with something called a temporary skill-shot visa. So we enlighten a little bit to know what are the changes on this.

Certainly, the changes haven’t implemented yet so although they were announced slightly just before the 1st of July. They have been announced to be implemented on in March 2018, so it’s a matter of watch this space at the moment but the changes are soon to be released “TSS Visa” and also “Missile – a medium to long-term shortage list visa”. The TSS Visa is a two-year visa and it’s reflective of the short-term occupation list. The “medium to long-term visa” is a four-year visa and it’s reflective of a medium to long-term occupation list. That those of you that may be the holder of a subclass 457 that is perhaps valid beyond March 2018 would still be valid. However, if you are seeking to transit from the skill subclass for 5-7 days into a skilled migration visa and it’s probably wise and prudent that you look at seeking advice for registered migration agent or migration lawyer.

So the Visas changes are happening in two phases. We have some rules that have been implemented from the 1st of July 2017 and some are from March 2018. These are the rules that have been implemented from July 2017.

There’s a change with regards to the age criteria for the skilled migration program for skilled migrants that are entertaining subclass 189, 190 and for 89. So that’s been reduced from 50 to 45, up to the age of 45. Additionally, to that, we have also seen some changes with regards to the transition from 457 to employ a nomination scheme and regional sponsored migration scheme. There is also change in regards to English language requirements.

In short, there are no major changes apart from a rather the age criteria and also there has been a slight increase in fee as of the 1st of July 2017.

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