Fill In The Blanks PTE Academic Listening Sample Practice Test Paper 3

FILL IN THE BLANKS PTE – In these type of questions, you will hear a recording first and then type the missing words in each gap. This activity tests listening and writing skills because it requires test takers to listen for missing words from a recording and type the missing words into a transcription. Listen carefully and fill in the blanks.

fill in the blanks pte

Fill in the Blanks PTE Sample Practice


7 – Listen the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

Proteins are very much needed which participate in some of the most important _ _ _ _ _ _ _ processes. It is a fundamental component that includes cell growth, maintenance, movement and _ _ _ _ _ _ _. It consists of amino acids which have distinct three-dimensional shapes. Its structure is very complex because the structural _ _ _ _ _ _ _ directly influence their specific function. Most of the proteins have a primary, secondary and tertiary structure excluding some of them like haemoglobin, which has a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ structure.

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biological, defence,  dynamics, quaternary

8 – Listen the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

Whenever new employees are appointed to the organisation, the next phase is to impart necessary training to make them understand the job. Fully fit employee is also widely _ _ _ _ _ _ _ so as to keep the employee in touch with new technology development. Every organisation should have a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ training system, model or program for the growth and development of its employees. Some companies focus on new _ _ _ _ _ _ _  personally to build the required skills and various methods of training which are commonly used to develop an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of the company and the job assigned.

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recognised, systematic, joiners, understanding 

9 – Listen the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

Here are the reasons why I love the French language. It has an ardent dedication to “Euphony” and it _ _ _ _ _ _ _ using words that end with a vowel sound before words that begin with one. Either the vowel is silent or consonant sounds are placed in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ so that the words can flow into each other. Americans found themselves hard to pronounce “r”, where are in French, it is just swallowed a bug or you’re _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on a stale baguette. I like the vocabulary, the grammar, the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and the culture embedded in the language.

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avoids, between, choking, pronunciation