PTE Academic Listening, Test – 4 – Free Practice Material Online (Fill In The Blanks)

PEARSON TEST OF ENGLISH – FILL IN THE BLANKS – In these type of questions, you will hear a recording first and then type the missing words in each gap. This activity tests listening and writing skills because it requires test takers to listen for missing words from a recording and type the missing words into a transcription. Listen carefully and fill in the blanks.


10 – Listen the audio and type the missing word in each blank.
 A test is a short cut method for prediction of job success of those _ _ _ _ _ _ _. They serve as a substitute for placing an individual on the job. It is necessary to know _ _ _ _ _ _ _ understanding for every human being in a short spam. The results will aware the examiner for what kind of job should be assigned to him. Individual who has responded to test at some given occasions should be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ only a sample of his ability. A test must be standardised before measuring a quality of an individual. Therefore, the test _ _ _ _ _ _ _ should be selected on the basis to measure trait for which it is constructed.
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tested,  basic, considered, structure


11 – Listen the audio and type the missing word in each blank.
 Flood is a natural hydrological _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and is one of the most common calamities that our country is facing. Storms get water from the oceans and bring it towards the land. At that time also when rivers cannot handle the heavy rain, water _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and results to flood. Due to blockage, drainage system fails and this is why we _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a flood. So there are many factors that cause a flood, where some are natural and some are man-made. So one should throw _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the right places to avoid blocking of drainage.
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phenomenon, overflows, experience, trashes
12 – Listen the audio and type the missing word in each blank.
 Time study is an art of recording and analysing systematically the time required to perform a _ _ _ _ _ _ _. The basic concept behind time study is to conduct after a motion study has been undertaken. This study was included in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the standard days’ work by finding the amount of time needed by workers to perform age various operations. It helps in getting _ _ _ _ _ _ _ data and easy to calculate incentives. Time study is carried out by studying group of workers and measuring with a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ how long it takes to perform each operation of the job.
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motion, determining, production, stopwatch

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