PTE – Should government intervene with individuals family planning rights

In your opinion should government intervene in the rights of the individual with regard to family planning?

PTE - Should government intervene with individuals family planning rights

PTE – Should government intervene with individuals family planning rights

In order to control the population, I think the government should intervene in family planning. The world’s population is growing rapidly which is resulting in scarcity of resources. In my opinion, the government has every right to interfere in this matter. The government should set some rules or strict laws for family planning. I think every nation requires some strict laws for it. If family planning becomes effective it will be beneficial for both nation and family. Family planning will be much beneficial for developing countries rather than developed countries. Developing countries are still developing because of their overpopulation if they control it, development will become way easier for them.

Overpopulation is a big problem for every nation. Which leads to scarcity of resources, environmental issues, traffic issues, lack of housing which again leads to cutting of trees and multi-story buildings, global warming will increase and it has any impact. There is only one solution to all these problems that controls on population which can only be done by family planning. To avoid such problems government should implement rules on family planning.

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Overpopulation not only cause government and environment, a big family is also a problem for families themselves. It is difficult to manage a big family rather than small family. It requires lots of money, resources and big house for that. It is a big problem for middle and poor families. Which gives birth to other serious issues like child labour, theft, robbery and much other crime etc. We have seen many cases of suicide and murder also, some poor families commit suicide or murder their children as they do not have money for them. So we can see one problem of overpopulation creates so many problems for an individual and for a nation too. By setting strict laws on family planning we can get rid of all these serious issues which are harmful to society.

To sum up, I would say the government should implement some strict laws on family planning, they should set some fine or punishment if people do not follow them only then people will take it seriously. Both government and people will think of it. It can come into effect if people will follow it seriously, they should understand it is only for their benefit.

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