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Average Life Expectancy is Increasing Essay: As a result of advances in medical care. Average life expectancy is increasing for men and women. Do you think most people will see this as a positive development? What are the disadvantages of an ageing population for individuals and society?

Average Life Expectancy is Increasing Essay

 Average life expectancy is increasing essay

Average Life Expectancy is Increasing Essay

Essay  on Average life expectancy is increasing for both men and women

Average life expectancy is increasing nowadays, it means that people are living for more years than before. The reason behind it is an advancement in the medical care, as a result of which people live healthy and happier life. It has improved the quality of life also. There is a treatment of almost every disease today due to advancement in the medical industry. The use of modern equipment in the medical industry has increased the average life expectancy for men and women. I think most people including me think this as a positive development. Because everyone wants to live healthy and long life and use of modern equipment along with advancement in medical care have made it possible. So people consider it a positive development as it has made the impossible possible.

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But if we see another way there are many disadvantages of an increase in average life expectancy. An increase in life expectancy also means that there will be an increase in unemployment. Another disadvantage of an ageing population is financial stress, more people in the family will require more money to survive due to which some families may suffer. Also, more people will require the more residential unit to live and construction of new houses will generate other new problems like shortage of trees and space.
There are many more disadvantages of it like overpopulation, traffic, pollution, scarcity of resources etc.

To conclude, advancement in medical care is considered as a positive development due to which people enjoy living with their dear ones for the longest time and also live better and healthy life. It has some disadvantages also as it put a burden on society and individual and also effect environment, but society and individual jointly can deal with it and control it. Because if we want to enjoy technological development then we should take some actions to control its impact too, only then we can live happily.

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