What is the best invention of the last 100 years? The computer, antibiotics, the airplane, and explain why?

Best invention of the last 100 years - Computer, Antibiotics, Airplane?Best invention of the last 100 years – Computer, Antibiotics, Airplane?

Which is the best invention-computer, antibiotics or airplane? It has to be computer, without any doubt.

Earlier, the main purpose of computers was in navigation, astronomical calculations, and military. And in the modern days, computers have applications in almost every field. Computers have simplified tasks which take a lot of time for humans. It is an easy and fast communication tool which allows you to convey your message to a lot of people. It makes cutting, editing, writing easier with cut, copy and paste and can store a great deal of data in a small space. And most importantly, its multi tasking makes things easier which we have to do.And a lot of paper is saved. We don’t have to rewrite the whole thing if an error is done or if some more information is needed to be added. Files can be saved and organized in any manner we like without using any extra material or space. It has the ability to handle things which are beyond the human brain’s capabilities. Human brain goes through emotional instability but computer faces no such problem.

Our offices, education, science, everything is influenced by computers. Productivity in areas such as word processing, data management, and information access has been enhanced. And the benefits of computers in the field of education are huge. It is a convenient source of information for students who get an access to online courses by connecting their computers to the internet. So in this way, the students who are in the remote areas get to learn a lot from online lectures.

When fatigued, the ability of human brain to perform decreases, it needs regular breaks in order to perform and function properly. But a computer can perform non-stop.  And computers are easy to carry around now.

After evaluation, it becomes clear that computers are in fact the best invention. Computers have changed our world and helped a lot in the development of our world.