Short Essay on Migration – Pros & Cons

Short Essay on Migration - Pros & Cons

Short Essay on Migration

Nowadays a lot of people move abroad for work. Some have to keep moving after a few months and some settle in another country permanently. Talking about our country, India, it’s still a developing country.when people move to developed countries like USA, Japan, UK etc., they get better work conditions, better wages, better living conditions. They get to interact with people from different countries and this helps in improving communication skills. Living among people from different countries helps to understand and know about their culture better. People learn different languages while living in a different country. For example, if you are from America and you have moved to France, you’ll have to learn French.

But all this comes at a cost which not all can pay. Moving to a new country is not that easy. You have to leave your friends and family behind not knowing how many months or years you’ll be able to see them again. You might face racism at your workplace. You can’t celebrate festivals with your family anymore. You have to miss a lot of important occasions. It might take some time to adjust to an altogether different environment and culture.

Our India has a neither-here-nor-there culture right now. A lot of cultural norms have been shattered and a lot of things about white people’s culture leave us wide-eyed. When people return to their country after working abroad, they have a hard time accepting or adjusting to the culture they themselves were once a part of.

A coin has two sides. Some people like to work or even settle in foreign developed countries and some prefer to work in their own country. You should think about what works for you and take your decisions accordingly.


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