Private School Essay – Effect of Private School

Private School Essay – Some people think that students benefit from going to private secondary schools. Others, however, feel that private secondary schools can have a negative effect on society as a whole. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Private School Essay – Positive and Negative Effects of Private School

PTE Private School Essay

Parents want to send their children to private secondary schools due to change in the educational system. They think that private secondary schools are beneficial and can bring advantage to their children. On the other hand, there are many parents who think that private secondary schools have negative effects on society. This essay will outline the reasons to show positive and negative effects of private secondary schools on children and society.

Private schooling is just like giving international education which provides better facilities to their students. Private secondary schools adopt syllabus with international standards which is very beneficial for the students and intends them to study abroad in future. Private schooling is filled with high technology such as providing laptops to encourage learning and develop their minds to search for resources. Most of the schools focus on the use of English language to develop better communication skills.

Private schools also contribute some drawbacks to the society such as expensive tuition fees. Only rich families can afford such kind of education to their children and is a burden for an average family. This creates an imbalance between the societies. On the other side, public schools are well controlled by the government with low fees and are suitable for those parents whose financial position is not very good.

To conclude, it can be said that private secondary schools have both positive and negative sides. Private schools provide a better quality of education but with high tuition fees as compared to government authorized schools. It depends on the individual what they would like to advocate. But for the better social environment, private schools should minimize their prices so that it is reachable to all people in the society.