PTE Writing Task on Advertisement Essay

Advertisement Essay PTE – These days, the issue of international marketing has grown its importance especially in the world of manufacturing facilities and even education overseas or across the globe. While others believe that this would mean invasion and intrusion into the country’s traditional ways. Write an advertisement essay in around 200 – 300 words. Here is Advertisement Essay PTE Sample.

PTE Advertisement Essay

Advertisement Essay

PTE Advertisement Essay

In my view, however, I believe that it must never be forgotten that global marketing is indeed beneficial in certain aspects. This essay will illustrate both sides of the issue by providing real-life examples, to support points and arguments.

On the one hand, there is ample evidence to suggest that global marketing benefits are increasing. It is a tool which involves recognizing that people all over the world have different needs and understands the regional differences between certain parts of the world. This is because; various organizations must accept that each one has their own custom, language and tradition that may be considered beforehand. For example, in China, 95% of advertising spoken in their local language has produced generous output in sales from the citizens. Therefore, international marketing entails many positive implications.

On the other hand, international marketing may be seen as violating the traditional norms, values, and even culture of a certain country. This may be due to fact that the main target of international marketing is to persuade and influence many people to benefit the firms which would mean profit to the organization. For example, in the Philippines, the Department of Trade and Industry has shown that 86% of traditional clothes are no longer available in the market. Therefore, global marketing downsides should always be considered.

To conclude based on the justifications stated above, although international marketing may have some disadvantages when it comes to preserving society’s traditional ways, I firmly believe that it is highly beneficial due to various reasons.


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