One Car Per Family PTE Essay Writing Topics With Answers

The ownership of cars should be restricted to one per family in order to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. To what extent do you agree or disagree? or One Car Per Family PTE Essay Writing Topics With Answers

One Car Per Family PTE Essay Writing Topics With Answers

With the increase in transportation the problem of traffic, pollution and overcrowding are also increasing. It has become a serious problem for every country. There is a strong need to reduce traffic and pollution. Pollution is a serious problem which has increased due to increase in transport and it gives birth to many serious diseases which are harmful to the society. Another big problem is traffic jams, people get frustrated due to it and it results in wastage of time and fuel. That is why some people think the government should restrict one car for each family. This can work up to some extent but before implementing this rule government should focus on some other things too.

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Private transportation has increased tremendously nowadays, there is some reason behind it. Firstly population has increased, secondly, there is no proper public transport for people, public transports are overcrowded and not well maintained. Due to which people prefer to go by their own vehicles. And thirdly the living standard has changed, due to a high living standard almost every middle-class family has the car. So if we say ownership of cars should be restricted to one per family that will not work effectively. To make it effective government should focus on other parameters too. The government should focus on maintaining public transport, if there will be good and well maintained and public transport only then people will prefer it over their own vehicle, also it should be easily available.

I do not fully agree with the statement that ownership of the cars should be restricted to one per family. Though I am not denying the fact that this a good solution to this problem, but we should focus on controlling the factor due to which this problem is arising. We should focus on controlling population and maintaining public transport first, after that we can think of implementing this rule. Carpooling is another good solution of the problem, it is very common nowadays.Many cabs like Uber and Ola provides this kind of facilities, it also saves money. We should also think of carpooling with our friends and family if we are going on the same route.

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