Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Foreign Workers – PTE Essay

Bringing in foreign workers to fill positions that domestic workers are unwilling to do can cause problems in the local community and should, therefore, be stopped. Do what extent do you agree with this?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Foreign Workers - PTE Essay

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Foreign Workers – PTE Essay

In many countries foreign workers make up a large part of the labour, it is true that bringing in foreign workers can cause problems for the local workers but it has some benefits too. Like every other thing, it also has positive and negative effects. I will first discuss some of its advantages.

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First of all, foreign labour is always cheap. By hiring foreign workers a country can get cheaper labour, which is profitable for the country. Secondly, foreign workers are prepared to do any kind of job, they can do the job at any location, they are comfortable for any shift timings, also sometimes they are ready for risky or dangerous jobs too. Whereas domestic labour is not always ready to do these kinds of jobs. They give preference to location, timings, safety etc. Also, they ask for more salary than foreign labour. So for that kind of jobs companies think of hiring foreign labour.

As I discussed earlier hiring foreign labour has both advantages and disadvantages. Now I will discuss some of its disadvantages. Firstly they create unemployment in the country. Secondly, they may not be loyal to a company or we can say country. They can leave the country anytime and they can change job anytime and thirdly they are ready to do the job at a lower salary which creates problem for domestic workers they also have to compromise on lower salary. So these are disadvantages of hiring foreign workers due to which people think a country should not hire foreign workers.

To sum, I would say first of all a country should focus on providing jobs to its domestic workers. After that country should think of hiring foreign workers so that no unemployment will create in the country. Those kinds of jobs will be given to foreign workers which are less paid and which are beneficial for country’s economy.

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