Technology Essay – Uses of Technology in our Daily Life Essay

Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships that people make? Has this been a positive or negative development? Write a technology essay based on uses of it that how it changes our daily life in 20 minutes from 200 -300 words.

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Technology Essay

Technology Essay Writing

We are living in the age of science where humans live, think and move in terms of science. It is evident that how the introduction of technology changes the life of human being. Talking about the innovation or technology, computers are the first thing which comes to our mind. There are so many things around us which we take for granted but changes our lifestyle. For instance, we all check our e-mails daily on our computer or on the mobile phone. Many things in the world wouldn’t function without computers, from cars to power plants to phones, so technology plays an important role in our daily lives.

The computer is invented to ease the task of humans and makes their lives easier. Computers are the greatest inventions because of its features and functions capability. The computer can minimize overall work with full accuracy. It can manipulate stored information and takes very less time to perform the desired task.

Humans have made inventions that benefits and helps them. There is not only one invention which is important than others. All of them contributes to the significant effects of change. On the other end, these inventions are having negative effects on human lives. For instance, humans are becoming unbelievably lazy and physically inactive. Outdoor playing has been replaced by gaming on computers which is creating a generation who is extremely tech savvy but physically inactive.

In nutshell, I believe that excessive use of any technology has adverse effects on all. So everybody should use the technology within their own limits, otherwise, they may suffer a lot.