Mass Communication PTE Essay – Advantages And Disadvantages

Mass Communication PTE Essay – How mass communication influences our lives especially the children. Discuss advantages and disadvantages. Here are Positive and negative effects of the information revolution through mass media pte essay.

Mass Communication PTE Essay

Mass Communication PTE Essay

Mass communication is a single word that itself says communication with the mass (large number of people). Today, mass communication is affecting our lives in all possible ways. It can be positive or negative, it can be more or less but somewhere it is affecting our lives. There can be any source of communication including TV, newspaper, hoardings, internet. Anything can be the source if it can connect to mass at the same time. It is not only affecting lives of youngsters but also it is affecting lives of children. It is having both advantages and disadvantages.

TV and internet can be good teachers for children as the visuals and audios can help them learn faster then what you read. It can be the easiest and quickest way to learn things and can be enjoyable too. It can give them a long impacting way that will help them to build their knowledge base. TV ads can help them to learn small things in quick ways.

But when there is a pros, there is a con attached to it, We know extent of everything is bad and in the same way if these TV, interest will cross the line it can destroy the youth and children. Because it’s a universal fact that bad things affect you more quickly than good things.

So it’s in our hand to balance this that we should always use them in better ways and parents can play an important role in making positive use of this.


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