Modes of communication has changed drastically over the years

Communication has changed significantly in the last 10 years. discuss pros and cons impacts

Modes of communication has changed drastically over the years

Modes of communication has changed drastically over the years

Communication is the way of expressing our thoughts and communication means are used to send and receive a message from one end to other. In past, the ways of communication were very limited. Earlier people send their messages through letters, after that with the change in technology land line phones comes into existence. And then comes the biggest invention of technology smartphones which has changed the communication methods drastically. It has made the communication much easier than earlier. Through this mean of communication, we can send our message anywhere in the world. Earlier we need to visit someone to convey our message or we used to send it through letters which took so much time. But with the advancement in technology and introduction of landline and mobile phones have made it much easier. Now a person is just a message or phone call away.

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Smartphones have not only made the communication easier but it has also changed our lives and made it much comfortable. Through smartphones and internet we can study online, we can read e-books, we can shopping online, we can learn cooking, dancing anything online. Now we can not imagine our life without smartphones. Apart from communication, there are many benefits of smartphones. There are many mobile apps like location tracking and GPS which is very beneficial nowadays. Through location tracking, we can trace anybody and it is also helpful in detecting criminal and stop any criminal activity before it happens.

However some people think there are many disadvantages of smartphones, but in my opinion, there are both pros and cons of everything. Yes, there are some disadvantages, because some people misuse it, the use it in bad and criminal activities but we can’t ignore the fact that through mobile phone location we can detect anyone easily. Also, the use of mobile phones has reduced the interaction between friends and family. Nowadays everyone is busy with their mobile phones. For instance, we friends or a family member are sitting together they hardly talk with each other, they use mobile phones rather than talking to each other and everybody does that. This is the case with everyone including you and me.

To sum up I would say there are two sides of a coin positive and negative so do the mobile phones have. Due to some disadvantages, we can’t ignore it’s many advantages and also we can’t the fact that it has made communication much easier.

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