PTE Writing Essay Sample with Connectors, Linking words, Phrases

Here we will explain foremost important and difficult parts of PTE Writing Essay. First of all, take a view of these good words to use in essays. Now, we will explain how to use connectors, linking words or phrases in your PTE writing essay. By using these simple connectors, you can score well in your PTE writing essay.

PTE Writing Essay Sample with Transition words

PTE Writing Essay

PTE Writing Essay Question – Laws can change human behavior. Do you agree or disagree?

PTE Writing Essay Sample –

In the competitive world, laws play a vital role in our life which is laid by the government to maintain discipline and harmony in country or nation. Some people think that laws prove to be a very essential for our life but some people have a contrary view. For me, this statement is feasible that laws are requisite in the 21st century.

To commence with, as we all know that laws have been made since immemorial. Without laws, we cannot imagine the real world in the discipline. Basically, we can say people will feel fear while doing the erroneous task. For instance, In an Arab country, Dubai, laws are very hard and stern and everyone knows about the punishment while breaking laws. Hence, the crime rate is very less.

Furthermore, take traffic rules, for instance, fined are lived for jumping red lights and traffic violation. Punishment like imprisonment, life sentence, death sentence etcetera is made so that it acts as a deterrent for not indulging in illegal activities. Hence, people due to fear of these punishments abstain from activities that may disturb the laws in a society.

To conclude, it can be said that laws are necessary to survive in the competitive era where the crime rate is increasing day by day.

♦ NOTE –

In red text, you can see connectors
In blue text, you can see vocabulary words
In green text, you will see predefined lines or templates
In pink text, you will combination of two words
Only black text is called your own text

Use these tricks in PTE writing essay or summarize written text. There are many connectors which can be used in your writing section. By using these tricks, you can score well.


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