PTE Summarize Written Text Sample With Answers (Explained Examples)

PTE Summarize Written Text Sample With Answers (Explained Examples)

Paragraph 1 –

On Earth, naturally occurring amounts of greenhouse gases cause air temperature near the surface to be about 33 degree Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than it would be in their absence. Without the earth’s atmosphere, the earth’s average temperature would be well below the freezing temperature of water.

Explanation – So this is the first subsection in summary paragraph and in this the author is talking related to greenhouse gases and their importance.

Paragraph 2 – 

Human activities since the Industrial Revolution have increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to work published in 2007, the concentrations of CO2 and methane have increased by 36% and 148% respectively since 1750.

Explanation – So in this second paragraph, the author is talking related to human activity and how human activity increased the concentration of carbon di oxide and methane.

This is the third paragraph which is important –

Who is responsible for global warming and who will take the initiatives? The question is simple but no one could find the answer. The key factor is reducing it as the use of renewable sources because renewable technologies can be deployed quickly, are increasing cost-effective, and create jobs while reducing pollution.

Explanation – So in the third paragraph, the author is talking about the solution. He gave one important solution which is the use of renewable sources.

Guidelines for writing a SUMMARY –

So technically in order to write a summary, you need to mention about each paragraph – The importance of greenhouse gases (paragraph 1), how they have increased (paragraph 2) and what is the solution (paragraph 3). You are not supposed to write anything from your own knowledge. Don’t write anything related to Global Warming, don’t write any of the solutions which you knew previously, just make sure you mention only one solution which is mentioned by the author. So in this, you might have noticed that data is related to each other.

  • The first one is the introduction which was related to greenhouse gases.
  • The second one is the supporting facts and Research data.
  • The third one is about solutions.


Detail explanation / How to write summary –

First of all try to gather all important points and key words from paragraph one – amounts of greenhouse gases, air temperature, warmer.

Paragraph 2 – Human activities, increased, amount of greenhouse gases, have increased by 36% and 148%

Paragraph 3 – Who is responsible, key factors in reducing, use of renewable sources, deployed quickly, cost effective, creates jobs and reducing pollution.

**So these are the keywords**

First of all, identify the keywords and gather important points out of these paragraphs. Make sure you mention all three aspects ( amounts of greenhouse gases, Human activities as well as one solution use of renewable sources) in a summary paragraph. If you have mentioned only one aspect you will lose marks in the content section.

How to write a sample summary –

******Use of renewable sources is very important to reduce pollution because emission of green house gases has augmented to a greater extent as a result of human activity resulting in an increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface.******


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Important Note – 

So one thing you have noticed I didn’t write anything from my own knowledge. Each and every sentence is related to the paragraph like “use of renewable sources” which was mentioned in the last paragraph. This was very important because they have written key factor – increased to a greater extent “36% and 148%”, due to human activity and increase in the temperature of earth surface which was mentioned in the second paragraph.

So in this, I didn’t mention anything related to trees or anything related to human activities such as pollution or any noise pollution or air pollution. I haven’t mentioned anything from my knowledge. Each and everything is related to paragraph and the second thing is I just modified some of the words like they have said increased (but I wrote augmented) this is how you can change the vocabulary.