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Hello PTE Aspirants, Giving PTE Exam? We are providing some describe image, summarize spoken text, essay, retell lecture, answer short questions, multiple choice question answers, write from dictation, fill in the blanks, read aloud for your practice purpose only. (PTE Questions And Answers). Here is PTE Questions and Answers sample for your practice purpose only.

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PTE Questions And Answers

Answer Short Questions

  • Name the instrument which is used to examine very small things. – Microscope
  • What is the job of someone that looks after your teeth and gums? – Dentist
  • A Piece of paper that you got after you bought an item? – A Receipt
  • Which star is at the centre of our Solar System? – Sun
  • The terms ‘breeze’ and ‘gale’ help describe the speed of what? – Wind
  • What is the day that someone is born? – Birthday
  • A sudden violent shaking of the ground or a movement within the earth’s crust? – Earthquake
  • When water is cooled, does it contract or expand? – Expand
  • Which country is in the southern hemisphere, Australia or Canada? – Australia
  • What is another name for a tidal wave? – Tsunami
  • Who discover new things? – Discoverer
  • What key mineral makes sea water different from fresh water? – Salt

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Essay: how do large shopping malls and commercial centers affect small local businesses

(Opinion essays topics)

Multiple Choice Choose Single Answer

Example 1 – Listen to the audio and answer the question


Majority of us are wary of the fact that Americans are for long fighting with obesity. We often happen to read articles and see video blogs on the internet highlighting the rising concern of obesity in the States. Obesity itself is not the only concern as there are plenty of other diseases associated with it including heart problems and diabetes. In 2011, about 29 million Americans had diabetes which is expected to 50 million by year 2020. Federal government is making efforts to promote education regarding obesity as by 2020, it will have to spend over $3.4 trillion every year to fight diabetes.

Question: Which statement best describes the passage above?
A. About 29 million American citizens were suffering from diabetes in 2011.
B. The root cause of diabetes believed to be obesity.
C. Losing weight curbs the risk of diabetes and hence saves government’s expense.
D. More than 50 million Americans will have diabetes by 2020.

Answer – C

Example 2 – Dennis Tito, a renowned American engineer and multimillionaire is known for being the world’s first space tourist who funded his own trip to space. In year 2001, he spent more than a week in orbit as a crew member of ISS EP-1. It was a visiting mission to the international space station after receiving an approval from the Russian Federal Space Agency as a commercial spaceflight. Dennis, however was at the receiving end of severe criticism from NASA right before the launch, especially from Daniel Goldin, the then NASA administrator. He opined that it was quite inappropriate of a tourist to travel into space.

Question: What was the main reason behind Goldin’s criticism against Tito?


A. Goldin believed the price paid for the space ride was way too less
B. Dennis was not trained for a space ride.
C. Goldin believed that space travel was a serious business and not meant for tourism purposes.
D. The mission was not approved by the Russian Federal Space Agency.

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Correct Answer – (C)

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PTE Reorder Question

Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that makes sense

[A]. Its business decisions are made on the timely and accurate flow of information.
[B]. It has 1700 employees in 13 branches and representative offices across the Asia-Pacific region.
[C]. For employees to maintain a competitive edge in a fast-moving field, they must have quick access to JP Morgan’s proprietary trade related data.
[D]. JP Morgan’s is one of the largest banking institutions in the US and a premiere international trading firm.


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Read Aloud

  1. So I bought a matching one in red, rolling over my old car note and trading in the Stratus, which was in the running to need a LOT of work. Probably not the world’s sharpest financial decision, but at the time, as a single parent, I really needed and wanted a reliable vehicle.
  2. Travel & Tourism has been outpacing the global economy for the past six years, which is reflected in the growth figures for individual countries as well. Several countries have shown especially dramatic growth in visitor exports over this time period. They have seen significantly increased inflow of tourism spending, thanks to prioritisation of tourism, opening borders, infrastructure investment, and promotional efforts, among other factors.
  3. The manufacturer is focusing to make more business and profit. The products are packed with ample materials which is not recycle to attract consumer for its products among other manufacturers’ products available in the market. It bears additional cost which is covered from the consumer. Most of the products can be sell using the simple packing and no reason behind to use over packaging.

Read Aloud Practice Questions

Describe Image

PTE Latest Questions 2018 With Answers

PTE Line Graph

Answer – The graph shows changes in the price of fresh fruits and vegetables, sugar and sweets, and carbonated drinks over a thirty-year period in the US. The graph also shows the general trend in the consumer price index during this time. The consumer price index & prices of sugar showed a steady increase from 1979 to 2009 whereas the rise in the price of carbonated drinks is prolonged. In contrast, price of fresh fruits and vegetables, despite periodic fluctuations, rose sharply. To conclude, we can say that overall inflation has increased in last three decades.

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Essay: the environment we live in is in danger due to various problems

Describe Map –

Multiple Choice Single Answer Question:

Discussions on drug addiction should not only be concerned with drug addicts but also with the vast majority of non-addicts. Their family and social lives are insecure as our narcotics laws drive such people to crime. A drug addict is almost never harmful when he is under the influence of drugs. That desperate need for money to buy the next fix makes him dangerous as drugs are available in illegal black markets where prices of such drugs are quite astronomical. The high cost of these drugs drives the drug addict to steal, kill or rob people of their money.

Drug addicts take the path of crime because____?
A. Law is almost powerless against them.
B. They become sadists because of drug consumption.
C. They need huge sums of cash to buy drugs.
D. It’s difficult for them to not commit a crime.

C Correct Answer

Retell Lecture:

Describe Map:

PTE Previous Exam Papers - Authentic Test Pattern PTE Memories 2017

Write from Dictation –

  • With garden hoses at the ready and vigilant eyes.
  • His friends left, and when they returned, he was completely incapacitated.
  • Sometimes history is made by presidents, revolutionaries, artists, or groundbreaking scientists.
  • The ship dragged along the ground and sustained severe damage to its lower fin.
  • They give us a glimpse of how people who survived thought of the ship before the disaster.
  • Mothers who brought their children to neighborhood clinics received parenting lessons.
  • Petting was a means to be safe and yet not sorry.
  • And this is the most remarkable period that ever was or ever will be.
  • This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.
  • By the early 1970s, the United States had listed eight whales as endangered species.
  • The National Fallout Shelter Survey and Marking Program had begun.

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