PTE Words With A Meaning Usage – PTE Academic Words List

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PTE Words With A Meaning Usage


♦ Accommodate – to have or make room for
Will this van accomodate 10 people?

♦ Analogy – similarity or comparability
I see no analogy between their demand and our demand.

♦ Anticipate – to expect or to look farward to
Everyone in the country is anticipating the team’s victory.

♦ Assure – to say with confidence
He assured me that the problem will be taken care of.

♦ Attain – to reach or to achieve
He has attained a super star status among his fans.

♦ Behalf – to represent
You must go and present this on my behalf.

♦ Bulk – the bigger part
The bulk of our national debt is owned by foreigners.

♦ Cease – to stop
These traditional practices might cease any day.

♦ Coherent – logical connected or consistent
His explanation was very coherent.

♦ Coincide – to be in the same position
His views coincide with our own.

♦ Commence – to begin
The airplane has commenced its descent.

♦ Compatible – capable of existing in harmony
All human races are compatible with each other.

♦ Concurrent – acting together or cooperating
Concurrent efforts of all governments are needed to eradicate poverty.

♦ Confine – to limit
He has been confined to bed since his illness.

♦ Controversy – a public debate or dispute
That actor is known for his controvercies.

♦ Converse – to talk, exchange views
When i was there i conversed with all team members.

♦ Device – an invention or somrthing made for a purpose
That is the best device to play games.

♦ Devote – to give time to something
He now devotes all his time to studying about animals.

♦ Diminish – to reduce
This company’s reputation has diminished over time.

♦ Distort – to twist or bend out of shape
Please do not distort the truth.

♦ Duration – length of time
The battery will not last for sufficient duration.

♦ Erode – to eat away or destroy slowly
All this population will erode the fertile sands.

♦ Ethic – set of values or moral principles
His comunity holds on very strongly to their traditional ethic.

♦ Format – the shape or size or arrangement
The format of this book is not right for printing.

♦ Founded – established or setup
The company was founded in eigtheenth century.

♦ Inherent – existing in something as a basic and permanent quality
Respect for guests is inherent in our culture.

♦ Insight – understanding the underlying truth
The counsellor helped me gain deep insight into my problem.

♦ Integral – very important part of something
He is an integral member of this team.

♦ Intermediate – between two points or things
Your skills are of an intermediate level.

♦ Manual – done by hand
Their furniture has been created manually.

♦ Mature – fully developed
The product is now mautre enough to go to market.

♦ Mediate – to settle or to help reconcile
He refused to mediate and asked them to settle the issue on thier own.

♦ Medium – a means of conveying or accomplishing something
Water color is a very popular medium for landscape paintings.

♦ Military- related to army or war
This country has the largest military in the world.

♦ Minimal – least possible
He wants to make minimal effort but get maximum reward.

♦ Mutual – between two
As good neighbours we should take care of our mutual interests.

♦ Norm – general standard or average
A two bedroom house is the norm these days.

♦ Overlap – to coincide or have in common
There is a lot of overlap between the two proposals.

♦ Passive – inactive, nor giving a visible reaction
He has been very passive in this whole meeting.

♦ Portion – a part of
I only need a small portion of that meal.

♦ Preliminary – initial stage
The police has only done a preliminary investigation.

♦ Protocol – a custom or a way of doing things
Everyone must follow the protocol on meeting the queen.

♦ Qualitative – having good value
He did little work but it was highly qualitative.

♦ Refine – to improve
We must refine this product to be successful in market.

♦ Relax – to make less tense or rigid
It is important to take a break and relax now and then.

♦ Restrain – to keep in check
You must learn to restrain your temper.

♦ Revolution – overthrow something or a sudden change in things
Internet has brought a revolution in how people interact.

♦ Rigid – hard or stiff
A rigid person will not listen to anyone else.

♦ Route – way
I would like to take the shortest route to home.

♦ Scenario – sequence of events
We will not allow them to destroy the building in any scenario.


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