Essay on Science

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Essay on Science

Essay on Science 300 Words

Science is the backbone of every single thing we see around us, be it the appliances, gadgets, machinery, cars and much more. It has evolved so rapidly that every human being is now dependent on science and its inventions. Science has contributed so much in the development of a nation and it plays a significant role in our daily lives as well. With the help of science and technology, we are able to live easily and freely. Nowadays, our lives are completely dependent on science. Mobile phones which are now a necessary part of our life is the creation of science.

Earlier, it used to take days and nights to travel from one place to another but now with the advent of aeroplanes, trains, cars and buses, we can travel to any place in a couple of hours or minutes. Science has also impacted the education sector such as smart learning and invention of computers has made the studies effective and easier.

It also plays a great role in the healthcare realm wherein various treatments and medicines are being devised every year to cure numerous diseases and illnesses. Modern technological equipment helps the doctors judge the condition of the patients and treat them accordingly. So there are numerous other domains which have been greatly influenced by science and technology.

However, there are people who use science to make destructive weapons and medicines that could destroy the entire world. Many bombs and nuclear weapons are being made with the help of science which is harmful to the people and nature. Nevertheless, some terrorists and mentally sick people always try to invent such disparaging things which are dangerous for the people. So it’s important that we should use science in a constructive way that would not harm anyone and instead help people in various ways.

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With the development of technology and science, some people believe that there is no great value of artists such as musicians and painters