Essay on Peacock

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Essay on Peacock

Essay on Peacock 300 Words

Peacock is our national bird and is of great importance to India. It’s vibrant and vivacious colours make it a beautiful bird and therefore it is considered as a unique bird of India. Peacock has a mesmerizing appearance and is known for its extravagant beauty. During monsoons, you can see peacocks dancing in rain and spreading their beautiful feathers. Also, peacocks have religious importance in Indian culture and therefore it is acknowledged as the national bird of India.

Peacocks are stunning creatures of god and people all around the world admire their beauty and magnificence. Usually, peacocks are 195 to 225 cms long and the average weight of a peacock is nearly 5 kg. The most remarkable feature of peacocks is that their head, neck and breast are made of shimmering blue and green colour along with the patches of white colour around their eyes.

Peacocks have crown-like feathers on the top of their head and they have an amazingly long tail which is sometimes called a train. This long train becomes completely developed after four years of their birth. This tail contains a lot of vibrant coloured feathers and when peacocks dance they usually spread this train to express their happiness and delight. They usually prefer to walk than flying and they are good at speed as well.

Well, peacocks are omnivorous birds and they eat seeds, insects and fruits. They usually stay on the trees of more height so as to escape from predators. Also, peacocks have been considered as birds with beauty and many artists love to capture them in paintings as they are a great piece of natural beauty. Peacocks have exquisite charm and people love to see them whenever they get a chance to do so. Hence, they are considered as the pride of India.

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