Cyber Crime Essay

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Cyber Crime Essay

Cyber Crime Essay 300 Word

In this evolving era of technical society, people are dependent on various technical gadgets that make their life simpler and faster. Globalization which has taken place with the help of internet is connecting the people throughout the world. The continuous use of technology and the internet has drastically influenced the lives of people. Internet is able to connect various people, organizations and firms all across the globe at relatively faster rates.

Well, all this obviously have some side effects as the internet and computers can pose some serious threats to our personal as well as professional lives. The process of penetrating into someone’s personal and professional data without their permission is known as cybercrime. This is sometimes known as data breaching. The computers and gadgets connected to the internet become vulnerable and thus get hacked by cybercriminals.

Cybercrime basically describes a criminal activity that takes place over the Internet. There are many examples of cybercrime including fraud, identity theft, malware, cyberstalking, child soliciting and abuse, computer vandalism, hacking etc. Cybercrime can be done against an individual, an organization or government.

Cyber Crime is considered a heinous crime as it breaches someone’s privacy and confidential data. Cybercrime is the infringement of human rights as well as of governmental laws. However, we can avoid such crimes from happening by following certain norms and using our own common sense. Also, the government has established special cyber cells across the country that specifically works on cybercrimes. So in this fast pace world where the internet is the only way to connect, we need to be much conscious about our personal and professional data so that it never gets vulnerable to cybercriminals. It would be advisable to use strong passwords for every account you use on the internet and keeping your software updated would help you avoid such crimes.

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