7 Easy Tips to Write an Effective Scholarship Essay

Whether it is writing an article or an assignment, students find it way too difficult to compose a piece of writing, especially when it is to be done to impress the teachers and officials. Writing an effective scholarship essay can be crucial for students who do not know the secrets of writing and engaging the audience in their write-ups. Therefore, in this article, we have come up with seven easy tips that will students write an effective scholarship essay. 

1.    Go through the instructions thoroughly

Often while writing we just go and on but ignore the main instructions that are given. When starting to compose your document you need to read the instructions properly so that you know what are the requirements and you can provide that in your document. 

Each institution has unique requirements which need to be fulfilled in your write up so make sure you follow that. 

2.    Check previous students work

When applying to an institution always check their alumni who have studied there and ask for their work so that you can review their style. Check the best-published scholarship essays from the list of previous winners. This will give you an idea of the reader’s mind and what they are looking for in an article. Do not imitate but just scan what they have added in their documents and what needs to be ignored by you while you pen down your thoughts. 

Although the requirements are changing each year but still reviewing previous work will give you an idea of what your mentor is seeking in your work.  

3.    The topic should be attractive and interesting

In essays where the topic should be chosen by you, always choose an eye-catching topic that grabs the attention of the readers. Sometimes people don’t work on their headings and let them go while headings and topics make an impact on the reader’s mind. Sometimes the topic is so vague or boring that readers get an impression that the article would not be according to their needs. Therefore, sit for a while and think about an attractive topic before you start your composition. 

4.    Invest your time in research

It is quite obvious that if you are working on your scholarship essay then you would surely work on the research as well but sometimes this part is neglected when writers start composing their articles. Research needs to be done effectively. This is your chance to prove to your mentors that you are the best among others and you need to show that with your work. Therefore, invest as much time you can in your research to impress your readers. 

Also do not just grab information from the internet but converse with intellectuals, read books and acquire information from different sources other than the internet which will be fruitful for your write-up. 

5.    Write a good structure in online notepad and save it

While writing we sometimes go out of the structure and write things that are not in order. Make sure that when you are writing you are going in order. You can also first do brainstorming before compiling your thoughts in one go. Brainstorming helps a lot or you can write notes for which you can use tools like, Editpad.org, Trello etc which will help you pen down notes effectively. After you are done with the brainstorming you can check again to see which points should go first and which ones should go at the last. 

This will also help you to compose effectively. You will be able to cite examples accordingly and it will help you to write in order once you know which points should go first and which ones should be quoted at the end.

6.    Use examples that have occurred in real life

Sometimes writers get too much involved in the essay when they read about real-life situations. Real-life examples are always the best to quote. Whether you are quoting your personal experiences or they are from a different source, use real examples which will add essence to your essay and boost engagement in it. 

7.    Re-check before submission

Whether you are in a hurry or just have 30 minutes left to your deadlines, do not forget to check your paper before you submit it. While writing we unintentionally make several mistakes that are rendered while we reread it once. Never make the mistake of not checking your paper before submission. This may take away your title or you may not get selected for the position you are applying for. Therefore, check your content before it is sent forward. 


Writing is something that is not learned but practice polishes one’s skills. You may not be a writer but to get enrolled in a university you may have to write a scholarship essay to achieve your dreams. Therefore, follow these tips and write effectively that engages your readers in your write-up. 

Write with emotions and add keep the tone positive while you inscribe different stories. Sometimes people feel it may bore the readers but real-life stories are the ones that attract readers most and they get indulged in it while they read further. 

Also do not forget to add the essence from different sources. This is one of the things that people lack while they are writing for someone. People just open one or two websites and drag information from those pages and do not make the effort to dig in for more websites. You should not do that. Avoid taking information from one or two websites but put all your time and effort into researching. It will open the doors of your imagination and will help you with innumerable ideas that will ooze out the writer inside you. 

Writing a scholarship essay can be a difficult task but not anymore. Just follow the tips mentioned above and avoid making mistakes that may lead to your rejection. Take help from your mentors or seniors when needed and focus on your work until it is not completed fully.