PTE Reading Multiple Choice Fill in the Blanks Exercises Mock Test 17

49. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph. separation, hasp, mixture, overlook, catch, imagine, nurture, expect you know or unknown to someone who has a cold, you tend to get away from them because you don’t want to (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ their germs. When ever some one sneezes or coughs, their germs can get into the air and are free to travel to anyone next. Have you ever thought to (2)_ […]

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PTE Academic Reading Mock Test 3 (Fill In The Blanks Sample Papers)

Fill in the Blanks – In these type of questions, there is a paragraph with some missing text. You have to choose the appropriate word from the list of words provided to you to fill the gap in the text. More options will be provided than gaps and you have to choose the most suitable word to complete the passage. It enhances your reading skills and requires to use contextual and grammatical hints to complete a passage. PTE Academic Reading Mock […]

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