PTE Reading Multiple Choice Fill in the Blanks Exercises Mock Test 17

PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks – In this article, we are sharing PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks questions with answers. There is a paragraph with some missing text. You have to choose the appropriate word from the list of words provided to you to fill the gap in the text.

PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Fill in the Blanks Exercises Mock Test 17

49. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

separation, hasp, mixture, overlook, catch, imagine, nurture, expect

you know or unknown to someone who has a cold, you tend to get away from them because you don’t want to (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ their germs. When ever some one sneezes or coughs, their germs can get into the air and are free to travel to anyone next. Have you ever thought to (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ something like that in the air? It is truly difficult because not only germs are invisible but they (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ when it enters in the air. People do not consider germs as air pollution, but it is really the same. Air pollution is a (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ of gases and particles in the atmosphere that harms organisms and affects climate.

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  1. catch 2. imagine 3. expect 4. mixture 

50. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

burden, produce, converted, created, break, join, shift, pressure

Most scientists are working on natural means to generate energy. The Wind is one of the easiest sources to generate energy. When we talk about energy (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ by movement of the wind, we are talking about Kinetic energy. The basic meaning of Kinetic means to move. To (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ energy from the wind we need to have a proper procedure to harness its power. To make it possible we use wind turbines machines with rotors and blades that convert the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy, which is further (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ to electricity. Turbine is the Latin language which means something that spins. So wind turbine is something that spins by the (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ of wind to generate electricity.

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  1. created 2. produce 3. converted 4. pressure 

51. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

overall, allow, faced, help, down, avoids, up, global

Every country wants to build strong sportsman around the world. If we want to compete with strong international sports performances we must get small goals to develop talented competitors. Government bodies should collaborate with a development plan which (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ the damaging effects of over specialising and over competing at an early stage. There should be appropriate research department down line, tie (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ the between schools and sports clubs for (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ development. Provision of scholarships for tenanted children should be provided, and deal with obstacles (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ by talented kids, especially economically weaker section.

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  1. avoids 2. up 3. overall 4. faced 

Practice PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks

1. Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

under, such, very, starts, much, most, go, for

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon crosses between Earth and the sun. Moon block our view of the sun. People feel (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ a situation when they stand in the moon’s shadow on Earth, the sky (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ getting darken and feel the temperature drop. The place where the sum should be will look like a black circle in the sky. People will be able to view the sun’s atmosphere which is called corona. There is a halo of exceedingly hot gas that’s invisible (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ normal conditions. As per American Astronomical, it is the (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ gorgeous natural wonder you will ever see.

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  1. such 2. starts 3. under 4. most

2. Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

great, for, which, some, good, long, outside, best

A hot air balloon is lighter then the air aircraft which consist of a bag called an envelope that continues heated air. Beneath is a gondola that carries passengers and a source of the head. It is a (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ distance of high altitude balloons, which is called a capsule as well. The heated air inside the envelope makes it float since it has a low density then colder air (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ the balloon. There are (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ restrictions with hot air balloons that it cannot fly like aircraft beyond the atmosphere. Now a day these balloons are used in modern sports where the envelopes are made from nylon fabric as its more resistible and the inlet which is closest to the burner is made with most resistible fire material (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ is known as Nomex.

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  1. long 2. outside 3. some 4. which

3. Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

throughout, to, from, where, past, around, blank, their

Alameda County reported a dead bird that was tested positive virus. The report was issued by Mosquito Abatement District about the County first indication of active virus transmission for the (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ year. The bird was collected from Mexico and tested at the District laboratory. There was an increase in surveillance and larval control efforts (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ the area with positive West Nile virus detection. Best forces are deployed to scan and locate the area of standing water (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ mosquitoes breed. Mosquitoes continue spreading the virus, but public support is must to reduce mosquito breeding sites. The tight cover on garbage containers drains reduce mosquitoes (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ houses and workplaces.

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  1. past 2. throughout 3. where 4. around

4. Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

because, to, given, who, measured, go, inceases, indicates

Power in an automobile which is (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ by horsepower, break-horsepower, kilowatts, etc. Actually the way car express, how much does the capability of an engine has, how far can it (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ and how fast it can force itself. The force that is used by the car is called torque. Total arbitrary measurement is known as horsepower. The horsepower of one horse is deemed to be equivalent to one horse (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ can lift 33,000 pounds over one foot in one minute on the surface of Earth. Break-horsepower in cars term is effectively the same as horsepower and it simply (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ the power of an engine loss due to friction has been taken into account.

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  1. measured 2. go 3. who 4. indicates

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